Amy Khoshbin is running for City Council in District 39 of Brooklyn in 2021. She is committed to creating a platform collectively– one that supports creative impulse and the needs of those that feel unrepresented by the current political system. 

I am running for City Council in 2021 in District 39 of Brooklyn, consisting of Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, and parts of Kensington. This is a real political run that I’m also using as an information-gathering strategy, to demystify the complex structures of government and to empower others to vote, run for office, and get involved in local government. I want to shift our culture towards supporting creativity, intersectionality, and diversity. I want equality in education, affordable housing, and affordable health care and so many other areas of daily life in NYC. I don’t want to live in a society of fear and violence and I see using media and creativity as our tools to affect social change. I am building my platform through the input of the community around me, but I stand behind the list of promises below.


Prioritize a culture that supports creativity, diversity, intersectionality- we all start as creative individuals when we're children.

Put Brooklyn citizens before politics and corporate interests.

Ensure Brooklyn is a safe city for immigrants, queer folks, people of color, and women.

Empower Brooklyn citizens with skills to create their own livelihoods and not be completely dependent on a corporate system.

Make accessible arts and sciences for youth and adults.

Dismantle all white supremacist systems. 

Value Brooklynites--their skills, talents, and insight--to help strengthen the economic, social, cultural, and environmental state of Brooklyn.

Build a future we want to see, together.