Amy Khoshbin is running for City Council in District 39 of Brooklyn over the next four years/2021. She is committed to creating a platform collectively– one that supports creative impulse and the needs of those that feel unrepresented by the current political system. 

Amy Khoshbin is running for City Council over the next four years as an information-gathering strategy, to demystify the supposedly complex structures of government and to empower others to run for office and vote/get involved in local government. She is currently volunteering with the current incumbent City Councilperson and progressive community activist in District 39, Brad Lander. She is building her platform through the input of the community around her, but stands behind the list of promises below. District 39 is comprised of the neighborhoods pictured in the diagram below, however Khoshbin is creating a political party called The Other Party. For anyone interested in creating a party to stand for those of us that feel unrepresented by our current administration, please contact me and let's talk. We need to bond together and build things collectively in this unique time.

This is a clip of Khoshbin making her concession speech to incumbent City Councilperson of District 39 and progressive community activist, Brad Lander. This speech happened at The Invisible Dog Arts Center on 6/18/17 as part of CATCH 73, a curated performance series by Andrew Dinwiddie, Caleb Hammons, and Jeff Larson.


Prioritize a culture that supports creativity- we all start as creative individuals when we're children.

Put Brooklyn citizens before politics and corporate interests.

Empower Brooklyn citizens with skills to create their own livelihoods and not be completely dependent on a corporate system.

Make accessible arts and sciences for youth and adults.

Dismantle all white supremacist systems. 

Ensure Brooklyn is a safe city for immigrants.

Value Brooklynites--their skills, talents, and insight--to help strengthen the economic, social, cultural, and environmental state of Brooklyn.

Build a future we want to see, together.